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WHY Workshop at the Climate Alliance International Conference 2022

Wednesday, 28 September (10.30–12.00) (Day 1) | online | in English


How can municipalities participate in energy communities? What are the bottlenecks and solutions? What tools and methods support forecasting energy demand to ensure energy system stability in a municipality? We invited the City of Copenhagen and Prague and the Province of Barcelona to share and learn with the Goiener Energy Cooperative and WHY expert Energy System Modellers.

Energy Communities and Energy Cooperatives are models that embody citizen and community ownership of energy in the urgent transformation towards 100% renewable energy. In this workshop we discuss how municipalities can be part of or set up their energy communities and explore tools to project the demand of household energy consumption. We wish to support mutual learning on the role of municipalities in establishing and contributing/supporting the management of energy communities and energy cooperatives.

Learn more about this session and the speakers by clicking here!