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WHY-PARITY-ATELIER International Modeling Workshop: Building a model of household investment decision-making towards the energy transition

19th-20th October 2022, DeustoTech, Universidad de Deusto, Avda. de las Universidades 24, 48007 - Bilbao, Spain

In the framework of the H2020-WHY (why-h2020.eu), H2020-PARITY (parity-h2020.eu/) and H2020-ATELIER (smartcity-atelier.eu) projects, an hybrid-multidisciplinary workshop session is organized to better understand which are the most predominant factors that affect decision-making in households regarding investment decisions on energy efficiency actions, installation of distributed generation, electrification of services, etc. The objective is to define a set of end-user archetypes of behaviors towards these investment decisions and the creation of a set of models following well used psychological theories.


Have a look at the event's programme and materials here.