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Videos and Presentations Available: EMP-E 2021

The WHY Project contributed to this year's EMP-E conference with presentations and Skills Workshops. Recordings and resources are now available to all WHY contributions.

The 2021 EMP-E Conference was coordinated by the SENTINEL project and took place as a virtual conference of energy modellers in Europe. The Conference theme, “Re-energising Sustainable Transitions in Europe: Energy System Modelling, Methods & Results to support the European Green Deal” aimed for a deep exchange of research and practice, with discussions around energy system modelling, methods, approaches and experiences of the European energy modelling community. Each day of the conference revolved around different themes.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related administrative burden, WHY’s intended 2021 Summer School could not take place as a traditional, physical course on the University of Deusto campus. As an innovative alternative, WHY organised an interactive, education-based workshop series as a supplementary addition to the annual Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) Conference. This “WHY Skills Workshop” idea was developed to offer hands-on skills training for aspects of energy systems models to appeal to students and current energy modellers alike.

We now published the PDF presentations of two contributions in the paralllel sessions of the conference all all video recordings of the Skills Workshops.