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WHY and NewTRENDs projects present their first results in a joint workshop

The two European projects selected on call LC-SC3-EE-14-2019 present the results of each stakeholder consultation action carried out during the past six months.

WHY and NewTRENDs projects have as their objective the improvement of energy system models by increasing the behavioural aspects considered. Nevertheless, while WHY focuses on modeling the residential sector, NewTRENDs tries to capture new societal trends that affect globally. 

The session started with a presentation by Nives della Valle (researcher at the JRC) about the importance of the Behavioural Aspects on Energy Efficiency Models and what are the initiatives that the JRC is taking in this respect. Next, Cruz E. Borges, Project Coordinator of WHY and researcher at DeustoTech, presented the main results of the Stakeholder Consultation process carried out in WHY. In particular, he introduced the main model architecture defined and how these models are planned to be used. The session continued with a presentation by Heike Brugger from Fraunhofer ISI group (Project Coordinator of NewTRENDs). Heike presented the methodology followed in NewTRENDs to select the new societal trends to be assessed in the project and the final results of this process. The session ended with a group discussion among the thirty attendees.