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Interim Communication and Dissemination Report

This report is a dossier of all the relevant dissemination and communication material developed from Month 1 to Month 18 of the WHY Project. This report contains the summary of the communications and dissemination actions carried out and an assessment of the impact. Furthermore some adjustments to the D&C strategy (D7.1) is included, as due to the SARS-COVID-19 Pandemic, some key events planned needed to be rearranged.

Furthermore, most originally planned face-to-face stakeholder engagement events also took place online. By mid-2022 we hope that the pandemic situation allows a more extensive face-to-face engagement of stakeholder, we must acknowledge that the online operation of half of the project will have an impact on the upcoming period as well. Work Package 7 activities are dedicated to dissemination and communication, as well as the exploitation of results. The work of WP7 ensures that all results and benefits of the project reach the relevant targeted stakeholder groups and it organises the project dissemination and communication actions to a broader audience, in order to maximise impact. Furthermore, it also prepares the consortium's exploitation of the project results and supports the application and improvement of WHY results by the stakeholders. All partners contribute to the work of WP7, UD is responsible for activities and outputs related to the scientific dissemination of project results, as well as taking care of the development of the marketing and exploitation strategy.

This deliverable is structured according to communication and dissemination activities. In section 2 the activities and key performance indicators are summarised. In section 3 we describe the activities and results achieved via the digital communication channels. In section 4 we focus on dissemination actions via project events, engagement and dissemination via external events such as scientific conferences, fairs and workshops. In section 5 we give details on networking and stakeholder engagement activities. In section 6 we provide information on scientific and non-scientific publications.