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EVIDENT Serious Game: Individual Decision Making and Energy Use

The EVIDENT project is exploring the factors which impact an individual’s decision making around energy use. Dr. Paul Liston, together with his team at Trinity College Dublin, has specified and developed a serious game which seeks to understand how factors such as financial literacy (i.e. knowing how to make informed and effective financial decisions), and environmental literacy (i.e. the understanding, skills and motivation to make decisions that will positively impact the environment) impact energy decision making. Through this, the EVIDENT project hopes to better understand how to support individuals to make better energy decisions and contribute to policies that promote energy efficiency. The serious game both gathers data for the EVIDENT consortium, which will be used to inform policy recommendations, and provides energy efficiency learnings for the player in an engaging and fun format. The game is built around a scenario in which a household appliance breaks and you need to decide how to react – repair the appliance, or replace it.