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Record-high electricity prices cause an influx of new members for GoiEner

by Chris Merveille


Spot energy prices spiked in Spain during the cold snap in early January. This was caused by a lack of wind and hence low renewables production, combined with high prices of imported gas and unusually high electricity consumption - both due to the cold wave. As a result of these three factors, consumer prices also soared for those consumers who are in the regulated market system, which operates with dynamic prices linked to the spot market.

This impact was strongly reflected in mainstream media, and on several occasions Santi Ochoa and other GoiEner representatives appeared in regional media (TV, radio and newspapers). This in turn sparked many enquiries by worried consumers to GoiEner and resulted in a surge in new membership. We welcomed almost 500 new members in January and February, 30% higher than the usual monthly membership increase of 150 per month.

GoiEner members are not directly affected by sudden price increases because we set quarterly prices (which in turn means that members cannot take direct advantage of sudden drops in price either). GoiEner offers a safer if not necessarily cheaper alternative to the real-time pricing mechanism of the regulated market.

About GoiEner

WHY Project partner GoiEner is a non-profit citizen cooperative dealing with electric energy commercialization. GoiEner is concerned with the generation and consumption of renewable energy, and with the objective of reclaiming energy sovereignty. Energy – electricity in particular – has become a basic need in our society, almost to the extent of food or water. GoiEner wants citizens to regain control over this basic need and to make them aware of its importance, thus promoting a responsible and sustainable consumption of energy. GoiEner commercializes electric energy to its clients/associates that is 100% renewable.

GOIENER is a non-profit cooperative where all the benefits that are obtained from marketing green electricity are returned again to the cooperative. The members themselves decide how to use these profits in an assembly. At the same time, they will be able to invest in renewable energy projects, and this energy will be consumed by the cooperative itself. The ultimate objective is that the quantity of energy generated by the cooperative will satisfy the quantity of energy required by its members. All this will be achieved with renewable energy and with as rational and efficient as usage as possible.

Learn more: www.goiener.com/