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Defining Personas to Understand Stakeholder Needs

Stakeholder Requirements Analysis

The WHY Project follows the ambitious approach to improve the representation of household electricity demand in Energy System Models by applying a Causal Model to simulate the behaviour of residential consumers which will lead to the consumption of electricity. The first step into the development of the models and tools required to reach that goal is the involvement of stakeholders and the analysis of their requirements. Obtaining the stakeholder requirements is crucial both from a technical perspective (regarding the technical specifications of the WHY Toolkit like temporal and spatial resolutions, etc.) and non-technical perspective: regarding topics like the presentation of results or the general requirements for the toolkit.

WHY Partners conducted focus groups, interviews and applied surveys to better understand the stakeholder needs for the WHY Model Architecture and for the WHY Toolkit. The final work of the deliverable, aside from the Stakeholder Requirement Analysis, was consisted of the definition of the WHY Model Architecture. The architecture is described by Code-Elements, acollection of models and modules designated to perform a certain task within the WHY Model Architecture, which are linked by Interfaces. Interfaces are described by their corresponding data format and the data they will contain. Lastly the architecture contains Components, which are the key parts that make up the Code-Elements and are either Models, Data or Algorithms performing different tasks in the project.

The WHY Model Architecture presented in this Deliverable is a preliminary version that will be developed further in the course of the projects when the different elements will be developed. This preliminary version was developed to provide first insights into the inner workings of the WHY Toolkit.

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