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The WHY Toolkit - What would be if...

The WHY toolkit will be used to assess several scenarios simulating different policy measures. Integration with widely-used ESMs (PRIMES, TIMES) will be demonstrated and the results analyzed. All results will be open-sourced to maximize uptake, and be widely disseminated to diverse target audiences (i.e. DSOs, energy companies, policy makers, researchers).

A number of different types of interventions can be assessed with the WHY Toolkit. An intervention can be understood as the “If” in a “What happens If” analysis, similar to a scenario-based approach which is widely used in applied energy system modeling. The information on the types of interventions will be gathered from inside and outside the consortium but mainly from the stakeholders identified and contacted in another task. (task 1.1)

A set of potential Interventions for all the aspects covered in the project will be collected (namely, for the change in the load, for the participation on EE, DR and DG actions and for the electrification of the HVAC and EV). Finally, interventions will be classified as possible, important and critical in order to prioritize their assessment in the different Use Cases.

Currently, the WHY partners are in the process of defining several features that feed in the final design and elements of the toolkit.