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Workshop on Demand-Side Modelling by WHY

Stakeholder Input - 19.05.2021

Improving Demand-Side Modelling to Inform Ambitious Climate Policies in the European Union

We invited several stakeholders dealing with the European Union’s climate and energy policies to investigate what issues, in their opinion, should be considered when modelling the energy demand and what policy measures are the most important to drive the transition in the EU buildings sector.

Stakeholder engagement constitutes an essential component of the WHY project. From the project’s beginning external partners provided input to determine their requirements from the WHY modelling toolkit. The event organised on the 19th of May served a different purpose, since the WHY tools will be validated in five different Use Cases, the workshop “Improving Demand-side Modelling to Inform Ambitious Climate Policies in the European Union” aimed at determining technical, behaviouraland policy components, which should specifically be included in the EU’s Use Case.

Moreover, by engaging external stakeholders, we wanted not only to learn about current trends and challenges from the practitioners’ perspective, but also to increase the transparency and outreach of our research. The report presents the key findings from the workshop, based on the knowledge and expertise of theparticipating climate and energy experts, but they do not necessarily reflect the positions of the organisations, which they represent.

Download the full summary report here