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Event - RE-energising Europe: 7 projects’ final event in Brussels, October 24 and 25

Understanding the future of energy demand and its policy implications through new societal trends, behavioural aspects and multiple benefits

This two-day event, organised by 7 EU-funded projects (Horizon2020) and over 100 organisations partnering in them, is a unique opportunity for many to meet, hear from the research developed in the past 3 years and openly discuss with panels of speakers from within and outside the projects. Key topics related to energy in Europe will be tackled including but not limited to: community energy, energy efficiency, multiple benefits, women-led initiatives, energy behaviour and new trends of energy consumption (digitalisation, circular economy and more). Our initiatives will present best practices, tools and models, one stop shops, as well as results from awareness raising and nudging campaigns, hoping for the results to feed into EU policies and to brainstorm on the next steps.

Blog-How have habits changed amid the energy crisis? Assessing self-reported energy-saving behaviours in Flanders

Energy prices have been a preoccupation for almost everyone that pays an energy bill these past months. Last year, the imec/UGent research group mict investigated how Flemings adapt their consumption behaviour in times when energy prices and saving strategies are a hot topic in all news channels. This research was part of the European NUDGE project, which aims to nudge consumers towards energy efficiency through behavioural science. Now, a year later, we want to know which strategies stick, and which habits are hard to break. We asked people how often they engage in certain energy saving activities, including everyday behaviour and habits in and around the house, by conducting two surveys. Read about the results in a short blog: