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newTRENDS Recommendations for better design of energy-demand modeling based on policy makers’ needs: report + policy brief

newTRENDs seeks to recognize and model the influence of New Societal Trends on energy demand, and hence develop scenarios of their future development. Emerging New Societal Trends will certainly have a significant impact on how we live, move, produce, work, and therefore use energy. Considering the current environmental crises, it must be ensured that these trends do not have negative consequences for the environment, and on the contrary, lead to reduced energy consumption of energy and raw material. To reach this goal, this report and policy brief provide policy-driven and policy makers’ needs driven recommendations for energy demand-side models, with particular focus on FLEX (prosumagers and big data related to the built environment), PRIMES-TREMOVE (transport including shared economy solutions for mobility), FORECAST-Industry (modeling circular economy for the deep decarbonization of industry) and FORECAST-Tertiary (digitalization in the services sector). More reports released by the project these past weeks are available online.