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Past events

Energy system models allow us to test and select better policy strategies. The WHY Project organises events with stakeholders to ensure the active and continuous engagement of a broad spectrum of relevant stakeholders in the development and testing phase of the WHY Toolkit prototype as well as, solicit their feedback and then make the required modeling improvements accordingly. In the same time, we aim to oresent the project at open days and general events to close the gap between the research modeling community and the civil society.

You can find the resources (presentations, videos, download materials) of past events below by clicking on the title of the event. Would you be interested to learn about future events in time, we do encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Stakeholder events

Workshop on Demand-Side Modelling by WHY

Stakeholder Input: Improving Demand-Side Modelling to Inform Ambitious Climate Policies in the European Union

We invited several stakeholders dealing with the European Union’s climate and energy policies to investigate what issues, in their opinion, should be considered when modelling the energy demand and what policy measures are the most important to drive the transition in the EU buildings sector.

Have a look at the full report by clicking here

WHY and Energy Communities - WHY Presentation at "Sustainabile Places" Conference Fast Track

The WHY project evaluates how energy communities currently exist from a lens of energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption at the household-level. Since the efficacy of these goals are behavioural and personal, it is imperative that our investigation includes inclusive solutions to alleviate social challenges like energy poverty. With the community prioritisation of the energy community framework, it is imperative to address these social challenges with inclusive solutions.

The Project Partners  explored the role of Energy Communities as use cases, read more here.

Open events

The EMP-E Skills Workshops by WHY

WHY organised an interactive, education-based workshop series as a supplementary addition to the annual Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) Conference to replace the Summer School (cancelled due to the COVID Pandemic). This “WHY Skills Workshop” idea was developed to offer hands-on skills training for aspects of energy systems models to appeal to students and current energy modellers alike.

WHY Exhibition at the Climate Alliance International Conference

The WHY Project Exhibition Booth was arranged by the Climate Alliance team over the course of 3 days at the digital exhibition area of the Conference. The Team seekes discussion with policy-makers and experts representing municipalities interested in learning more about the potiential exploitation of the project. Particulary discussions on energy communities as business models involving municipalities were explored.

WHY Workshop on Evolutionary Algorithm for Energy System Models

In this workshop we presented an introduction to evolutionary algorithms focusing on best practices available and provided some tips to correctly engineer an evolutionary algorithm. Moreover, we presented two use cases from the Energy System Modelling community. All presentations are available on our Youtube channel.
Click here for the full programme and resources

EUSEW'22 Energy Day - WHY Second Open Day

How many types of energy consumers are there in Europe?

Our second Open Day was held under the framework of the EU European Sustainable Energy Days 2022. This webinar was an opportunity to know more about how energy is consumed in households and state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative techniques to assess behaviour in households.