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Webinar: Energy Efficiency in Smart Energy Networks and Smart Grids - sEEnergies and WHY projects

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On 31st of March 2022, sEEnergies and the WHY project will collaborate in the first webinar of a series, concentrating on smart grids from the perspective of demand-side management and linking energy efficiency measures to energy network investments.

On behalf of WHY, Dr. Noah Pflugradt will give an overview of the current state of research regarding residential demand-side management, as part of the ongoing work in the WHY project.  Residential demand-side management has the potential to significantly influence renewable energy adoption by consuming more energy when it’s available, which is one of the main goals of building a smart grid, but there are large uncertainties regarding the amounts and duration of energy that can be shifted. This talk will give an overview and introduce open-source software that can help users to quantify the potential for their specific situation.