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Inventory of Policy Interventions related to Energy and Transport Behaviours

Inventory of EU Policies

User behaviour is a complex issue, as it is influenced by a multitude of factors from economic status, age, education, political environment etc. The WHY project aims to identify the possible user reactions and their effect on the energy consumption due to external stimuli. In context of the WHY project these external stimuli are called “interventions”. In this chapter different approaches for policy driven interventions are discussed and presented. 

Time Series from Smart Meters

The dataset contains a CSV file with one entry for both each load profile of the Spanish electric cooperatives and publicly available load profiles. The fields that can be found for each entry are (1) metadata such as the originating dataset to which they belong, the start and end dates, number of days that have been imputed and/or extended, provenance (country, administrative division, municipality, zip code, origin identifier (households, businesses, industry, etc. ), classification of socioeconomic conditions, and tariffs; and (2) extracted features, grouped by types such as statistical moments, quantiles, lag d-day autocorrelations, seasonal aggregates, peak and off-peak periods, load factors, energy consumed, features obtained using the R package "tsfeatures", and Catch-22 features. In addition, the dataset also contains a rData file for each entry of the Spanish electric cooperatives. These files contain the original time series (timestamped values), a field indicating whether the signal has been imputed and/or extended and another field indicating the date of the extension.