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WHY - NewTRENDS Project's Joint Workshop

Networking Event

Project Architecture and New Societal Trends - A joint workshop between WHY and NewTRENDs

This workshop was organised on Monday, 8th of March 2021 and allowed attendants to get first hand information about the first results of both the WHY and NewTRENDs projects. Both projects have recently finished their stakeholder consultation and are now in position to share their first insights.  

The meeting started with a presentation of the set of households-energy behaviour models designed in WHY to answer all requirements from stakeholders. Next, the new societal trends that might substantially impact future energy demand were presented. Those trends will determine the enhancement of the energy demand models in NewTRENDs. 

Finally, focus groups discussed potential synergies and complementarities between both approaches to set a collaboration roadmap between the projects and to assess the results presented, evaluating the alignment with the policy objectives in order to: (1) detect any missing points and (2) prioritize the development of the components / societal trends selected.



Welcome by Wolfgang Eichhammer

The human factor in energy policy-making
Nives Della Valle, European Commission, Joint Research Center)

 Households' Energy Behaviour Models Designed in the WHY Project
Cruz E. Borges, DeustoTech, WHY Project

New Societal Trends for Energy Demand Modelling (NewTRENDS)
Heike Brugger, Fraunhofer Institut, NewTRENDS Project

Focus Groups:

    Synergies  between projects

    Stakeholders interests

Farewell by Wolfgang Eichhammer

Video: The WHY Project

Cruz E. Borges

Cruz E. Borges, Project Coordinator of WHY and researcher at DeustoTech, talks about the main results of the Stakeholder Consultation process carried out in the WHY Project. In particular, he introduced the main model architecture defined and how these models are planned to be used.

Video: Keynote speech

Nives Della Valle

Nives della Valle, Scientific Officer at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, talks about the importance of the Behavioural Aspects on Energy Efficiency Models and what are the initiatives that the JRC is taking in this respect.

Video: The NewTRENDS Project

Heike Brugger

Heike Brugger (Fraunhofer Insititut) talks about the NewTRENDS project that examines new societal trends that might substantially impact future energy demand. Those trends will determine the enhancement of the energy demand models.

These presentations were part of the WHY-NewsTRENDS joint workshop and are licenced under: Creative Commons-Lizenz mit Quellenangabe (Wiederverwendung erlaubt)