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The integration of the WHY Toolkit with the energy models

The report describes the implementation of the Use Cases on the WHY Toolkit, the data collected and the results of the test simulations carried out. The database is published in an open-access database (ensuring full compliance with the FAIR principles) to be reused by the stakeholders and the research community. In this report we provide a detailed definition for the design and development of the Use Cases, based on the soft-linkage of the WHY Toolkit with large-scale Energy System Models (ESMs). The impacts of WHY modelling enhancements on energy and climate strategies at different jurisdiction levels are assessed from the local level up to the European and global levels.

This report also includes the relevant information needed for the implementation of the scenarios and policy interventions with the WHY Toolkit and the links with large-scale ESMs (PRIMES, TIAM-ECN, PROMETHEUS), focusing on the European and global Use Cases where the use of ESMs was identified as important. Furthermore, this report provides key input assumptions, policy framework, definitions, and policy interventions that are used for the actual development of the five Use Cases through scenario implementation, simulations, and policy impact assessment using the WHY Toolkit.

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