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Online Reference Documentation of the WHY Toolkit - D6.2

The WHY project aims at developing a software toolkit (the WHY Toolkit) which can create more detailed consumption and generation information for residential households. This information includes data (load profiles) for thermal energy demand, electricity demand and hot water demand.
The WHY Toolkit can consider the actual living situation, the technical devices (TV, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.) and the reactions of the inhabitants to external interventions. In case of the WHY-project external interventions are events such as new taxes, funds or technologies or even winning a lottery. Reactions to these events could be the investment into new technologies, refurbishing the building or changing the individual behaviour of the inhabitants.

Deliverable D6.2 is a reference document for the Universal Time Series Provider (UTSP). The UTSP works as a distributed job manager for time series generation tools. Which, basically, means that the UTSP allows to run multiple runs of the WHY Toolkit simultaneously. For a detailed description of the WHY Toolkit please refer to Deliverable D3.2.
The purpose of the WHY Toolkit is to create household load profiles for thermal and electrical energy as well as water consumption for different Use Cases. These Use Cases can consider single households or thousands and thousands of households, such as the European or Global Use Case in which the entirety of European or Global households are simulated.

In its initial form the WHY Toolkit can be used to simulate one single household, the simulation of multiple households can be done by calling the WHY Toolkit once at a time, which would result in a substantial effort to create the required data. To reduce the required effort the UTSP was created, which allows to run multiple House Infrastructure Simulator (HiSIM) or Load Profile Generator (LPG) runs simultaneously.