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RescoopVPP Webinar highlights how to engage citizens in balancing the energy grid

The H2020 project REScoopVPP is developing energy flexibility tools for co-ops. One such tool is a "community-flexibility" device (dubbed COFY-box): a low-cost interface (based on Raspberry Pi) connecting with residential smart meters. A roll-out of the device is foreseen in July, when the collection of real-time baseline consumer data will start.

They aim to forecast consumption, which is useful for retailers, as is one of the goals also in WHY, and aim to match RES production to the forecasted demand of 50-100.000 consumers. After a very interesting first edition back in November 2020, REScoop.eu joined forces again with the REScoop VPP, cVPP and FLEXcoop projects on the 29th of January in a second edition of the community-based flexibility webinar. The webinar series shares insights and stories from energy communities that are trying to capture the benefits of a citizen-centred approach to manage decentralised energy resources.

This second edition was focused on engaging citizens to take an active role in balancing the grid. Take a look: https://www.rescoopvpp.eu