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CAIC'22 - Energy Communities Workshop

The Potentials of Energy Communities in a Free European Electricity Market

WHY Workshop at the Climate Alliance International Conference 2022

Wednesday, 28 September (10.30–12.00) (Day 1) | online | in English

Energy Communities and Energy Cooperatives are models that embody citizen and community ownership of energy in the urgent transformation towards 100% renewable energy. In this workshop we discussed how municipalities can be part of or set up their energy communities and explore tools to project the demand of household energy consumption. We wish to support mutual learning on the role of municipalities in establishing and contributing/supporting the management of energy communities and energy cooperatives.

How can municipalities participate in energy communities? What are the bottlenecks and solutions? What tools and methods support forecasting energy demand to ensure energy system stability in a municipality? These are the core questions we seeked to explore in this workshop with experts from municipalities, energy communities and cooperatives and researchers including energy system modellers.


Øystein Leonardsen, Senior Advisor, Integrated Urban Renewal, City of Copenhagen, Denmark

Jaroslav Klusák, Head of the Energy Management Department, City of Prague, Director, Prague Energy Community, Chairman of the Association of Energy Managers of Cities and Municipalities, Czech Republic

Albert Vendrell Roca, Head of the Local Energy Management Support, Environmental Services Department, Barcelona Provincial Council, Spain

Leire Astigarraga & Chris Merveille, Goiener

Thomas Nacht, 4ward Energy Research GmbH, WHY Project


How do municipalities support energy communities and energy cooperatives and vice-versa? - From foundation to operation

City of Prague,
Province of Barcelona


Jaroslav Klusák
Head of the Energy Management Department
City of Prague, Director, Prague Energy Community, Czech Republic

Albert Vendrell Roca
Head of the Local Energy Management Support, Environmental Services Department
Barcelona Provincial Council, Spain

How do energy cooperatives support energy communities on the regional scale?

Leire Astigarraga Urzelai, Renewable Energy Engineer, Goiener, Spain

Tools to support local and regional energy supply and management decision-making with causal modelling and the WHY Toolkit

Thomas Nacht, Cruz Borges, Researchers and Energy System Modellers, WHY Project
 Open Discussionmoderated by Chris Merveille, WHY Project

About CAIC'22: Unlocking local potential – driving global transition

28 – 30 September 2022 | Hesperange (Luxembourg) and Online

Our towns and cities are brimming with potential. From civil society organisations and local businesses to concerned individuals and youth activists, the local resolve for a just and green transformation should not be underestimated. Yet how can municipalities harness all the energy and ideas that abound within their borders to fight for climate justice and buffer global heating’s impacts? How can they build bridges with local stakeholders, tap into local expertise and unleash local potential for positive change?

CAIC22 will explore these questions with a look at examples from fields such as energy poverty, renewable energies, sustainable mobility, building renovation, climate justice and nature-based solutions. Through interactive workshops and inspiring contributions, this year’s Climate Alliance International Conference will examine how local engagement with stakeholders can bring us closer to a global transformation that is both sustainable and just.