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WHY Launches Telegram Bot for Household Use

EcoBot: a Telegram bot to help you understand your energy consumption profile

By Armando Aguayo

In the next few months, the Telegram bot EcoBot will be released in the framework of the WHY project. The objective of EcoBot is to learn the habits of household members around the use of energy and use them to present some information to optimise their use of energy. At the same time, the bot will also ask relevant questions to try to understand the reasons behind the use of the energy and the willingness to invest time or resources on the energy transition.

To use EcoBot, it is first necessary to install Telegram on the user's mobile device. Then, the user can connect to the bot either by reading the EcoBot-QR (image on the right) or via the address t.me/inkestak_bot. The interaction with EcoBot is initiated by sending the QR code of the household appliance to be used (share the QR code from the bot). Then, EcoBot will ask the user a series of questions in order to learn more about their consumption habits, and thus respond with suggestions to efficiently use household appliances, optimise electricity consumption and reduce the monthly bill. At home, each appliance is associated with a QR code that contains information such as the manufacturer, the model and energy efficiency category.

The data collected will help us to construct a model of how people will react towards new policy instruments (like grants, rebates, taxes, or laws) to foster the energy transition and will help you to understand not only your energy consumption but also how the energy system works.