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The European Use Case: 2030 & 2050 European energy strategy

The European Use Case explores the impact of EU-wide and national policies on achieving the EU goals on climate change mitigation and energy efficiency. This will be implemented by re-assessing EE policies and measures consistent with the pathway to climate neutrality by 2050, using the improved WHY modelling capabilities.

In this use case, the WHY Toolkit will be linked with the PRIMES model (especially PRIMES-Buildings module BuiMo), one of the most widely used and well-established models at EU level. PRIMES has been used to provide quantitative model-based assessments to
benchmark EU policy impact on energy and climate (e.g., Fit For 55 policy package, 2030 Climate Target Plan, Winter Package 2016, Clean Planet for all strategy). 

This Use Case will provide an improved understanding of the role of consumers and energy efficiency. In particular:

  • Quantify the systemic implications of WHY interventions, by capturing system interlinkages (energy demand, supply, storage, grids), changes in energy prices, sectoral substitution, fuel mix, investment/costs;
  • Deepen the demand side-related parameters in existing models widely used at European level (PRIMES-BuiMo) including new aspects (e.g., consumer behaviour, prosumaging) and data sources of high granularity;
  • Explore the effects and technical feasibility of climate neutrality on consumer demand, load profiles, energy costs etc. In this way, the pathways to climate neutrality are evaluated based on their feasibility, implementation barriers and challenges when considering high temporal and spatial granularity provided by the WHY Toolkit.