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The Energy Community Use Case

Energy communities can be instrumental in changing the energy landscape and enabling the clean energy transition at the local and citizen level. Energy communities can bring increased flexibility and resilience to the main energy grid, and they can also be seen as socially innovative enterprises, engaging in economic activity that lowers energy costs while providing financial returns to the local community.

While no two community-based energy projects are alike, they can still share common elements, such as technologies, funding sources, and business models. The main objective of this Use Case is to show how new energy community-based business models can make the energy communities ‘better’ and lead to climate neutral cities by 2030. In particular, we plan to show how the WHY toolkit could be used to plan the setup of an energy community from the technical, economic, environmental, and social perspective providing tools to answer the following questions:

  • Who should be involved and how to involve them?
  • How to size the different components (generation, storage, control strategy, etc.)?
  • What legal entity is the most effective / robust?
  • What is the best business model / tariff system to be deployed?
  • How to manage new contracts and cancellations after the set up?

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