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Have you missed our Workshop on Energy Communities? Were you busy at the time of ECEMP'22? No problem! We have all recordings and downloadables for you at one place!

Photo: Pixabay

With a very busy autumn around the topic energy, a variety of events took place organised by WHY and partners. Have a look at the event recordings and download relevant presentations and papers by clicking on the events below:




28th of September 2022: The Potentials of Energy Communities in a Free European Electricity Market Climate Alliance International Conference '22 - Energy Communities Workshop

How can municipalities participate in energy communities? What are the bottlenecks and solutions? What tools and methods support forecasting energy demand to ensure energy system stability in a municipality? These were the core questions we seeked to explore in this workshop with experts from municipalities, energy communities and cooperatives and researchers including energy system modellers.


  • Øystein Leonardsen, Senior Advisor, Integrated Urban Renewal, City of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Jaroslav Klusák, Head of the Energy Management Department, City of Prague, Director, Prague Energy Community, Chairman of the Association of Energy Managers of Cities and Municipalities, Czech Republic
  • Albert Vendrell Roca, Head of the Local Energy Management Support, Environmental Services Department, Barcelona Provincial Council, Spain
  • Leire Astigarraga & Chris Merveille, Goiener
  • Thomas Nacht, 4ward Energy Research GmbH, WHY Project


5-7 October 2022: ECEMP 2022 - Acting on the ambitions to a net-zero EU: roadblocks, challenges, and opportunities:The WHY Session contributions and Skills Workshops

The event featured a balanced mix of high-level panel discussions and interactive workshop sessions to enable a peer-reviewed digest of models and policy insights for the transformation of the European energy system. This year’s conference was an online event, due to uncertainties regarding the possibility of physical meetings. Possibilities for interaction were, as last year, set up to ensure an engaging, policy-oriented and enjoyable conference experience. This year, the overarching topic was: Acting on the ambitions to a net-zero EU: roadblocks, challenges and opportunities.

Presentations at Sessions:

Nudge-based interventions to promote energy conservation and demand response among customers of an electricity retailer following the change of the electricity tariff in Spain
Cruz Enrique Borges Hernandez, University of Deusto

What are the most relevant factors that affect households’ investment decisions on the energy transition?
Diego Casado Mansilla, University of Deusto

System-level Effects of Increased Energy Efficiency in Global Low-carbon Scenarios
Panagiotis Fragkos, E3 Modelling

Skills Workshops

Day 1 | 5th of October 16:30-18:00 | Energy Security and Geopolitics for Fossil and Low-carbon Fuels

Day 3 | 7th of October 09:00-10:30 | The 5 “Ws” to Engaging Stakeholders to your ESM


19-20 October 2022: WHY-PARITY-ATELIER-SMARTLIVINGEPC International Modeling Workshop -Building a model of household investment decision-making towards the energy transition

In the framework of the H2020-WHY, H2020-PARITY, Smart Living EPC  and H2020-ATELIER projects, an hybrid-multidisciplinary workshop session is organized to better understand which are the most predominant factors that affect the decision-making in stereotypical households regarding investment decisions toward the energy transition in EU. 

The workshop tackled four different aspects of the energy transition: 

  • Energy efficiency and conservation actions (e.g., purchase a class A appliance or share appliances among neighbours), 
  • Distributed generation and flexibility markets (e.g., install PV panels, batteries or energy assets that can be remotely controlled), 
  • Building energy renovation (e.g., re-glazing or thermal Insulation in façade), and
  • Mobility (e.g., uptake of public transport or invest in electric transport options)