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Final WHY Webinar: Policy Recommendations for Local and EU Policymakers to Foster Citizen Participation in the Energy Transition

19th January 2024, 12:00-14:00 CET | Online

Calling on municipalities, regional and national policy experts and EU policy-makers! Join us on the 19th of January 2024 to gain valuable insights for your work to develop effective and efficient solutions to the energy transition!

We analyzed citizens' everyday choices in their energy use at home and how our energy system needs to change to be prepared for a higher share of renewable energy sources. We will also present the WHY toolkit, a flexible tool for energy and modeling experts to provide decision-making support for all level of policy makers. The Toolkit has been used and tested in the context of:

  • A municipality's residential energy system: to support the energy planning of a positive energy district in a new neighbourhood in the German city of Maintal,

  • The sustainability assessment of of a flexible renewable energy tariff for citizens in an energy cooperative to see if consumption and power in peak hours can be reduced, and support forecast of purchase in the wholesale electricity market.The assessment also helps to understanf potential incentives and policy interventions that contribute to increasing investments,

  • Specific energy communities to show how the energy communities can lead to climate neutral cities. The WHY toolkit was used to plan the setup of an energy community from the technical, economic, environmental, and social perspective,

  • Re-assessing the impact of EU-wide and national policies on achieving the EU goals on climate change mitigation and energy efficiency. This was implemented by addressing exsiting energy efficiency EE policies and measures consistent with the pathway to climate neutrality by 2050, using the improved WHY modelling capabilities.

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