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WHY Presents its Policy Recommendations for Municipal and EU Policy-makers

The WHY-Consortium recommends changing planning routines and urges develop efficient, equitable and sustainable policies to decarbonise the European building stock by 2050 alleviating potential regressive impacts, especially on low-income households (e.g. energy poverty).

Heating, cooling, lighting and appliance use in buildings account for around 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Heating residential buildings is responsible for about 65% of energy consumption, revealing an untapped savings potential. WHY developed an enhanced modelling methodology based on the consistent integration of improved representation of human behaviour and technical/engineering modelling. Our policy messages, based on the results of the WHY project, include guiding categories relevant to factors such as behavioural change, building-level technical change, pathways to net-zero buildings and/or a social impact assessment.


Municipal and Regional Policy-makers: read the Local Policy Brief here.

EU Policy-makers: read the EU Policy Brief here.


Do you want to discuss the policy recommendations? Join us for our final webinar on the 19th of January! Read more and register here.